Healthy Smoothie

Healthy Smoothie

Start your day with something refreshing your body.

No alcohol, Energy boosting, Good for diet !?
Ella Breakfast Bistro & Bed ready to serve you our Healthy Smoothie.

The special ingredient of the smoothie is a Granola bar made by Ella’s chief which is nutritious and high in beneficial fats. This signature energy bar consists of grains, oat, chia seed, cashew nut, black sesame, sunflower seeds, and honey.

If you are the chocoholic, we recommend Chocolate Almond Oat Banana Smoothie for you. You can feel extreme chocolate flavor blended with banana and some crunchy feeling from a chocolate granola bar.

Or you need some sour flavor, Blueberry Banana and Granola Smoothie is a drink you are finding for. Blueberry, yogurt, banana, and a berry granola bar is the best combination for a summer refreshment.
Let’s drink and spend your time at Ella Breakfast Bistro & Bed.

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